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Perth Business Lounges, Domestic/International

Brisbane Business lounges, Domestic/International

Qantas engaged BRITA Vivreau directly when they were looking to refurbish a number of their Business Lounges in Perth and Brisbane. Building on a partnership over a number of years, we were able to provide a unique and premium offering, the Vi-Tap, to cater to the large volume of guests needing chilled still and sparkling water throughout the day.

Our team worked with the designer and builders from design stage through to installation to ensure all Qantas requirements are met. 

Commonwealth Bank, Darling Harbour

Our nation's largest bank was looking for a sustainable water solution for the large events and conferencing space at their new Darling Harbour location. 

Solution? The BRITA Vivreau high capacity bottling system. Since its installation, the CBA bank has been able to effortlessly cater to a large volume of clients occupying the space while reducing the environmental impact associated with single-serve bottled water. 

Air New Zealand Business Lounge, Sydney

After fostering a strong partnership with Air New Zealand in NZ, we were once again client specified in revamping the Air New Zealand business lounge at the Sydney International Terminal. 

Our team worked closely with all stakeholders involved to ensure the smooth transition of the Vi-tap water dispenser from design through to installation. 


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