Novotel Sydney Central gets a sparkling upgrade

Located in the heart of Sydney’s bustling CBD, and within walking distance to local attractions, entertainment precinct and business entities, Novotel Sydney Central has long been a favourite amongst family holiday goers and business travelers.  

The iconic hotel has always pride itself on providing exceptional customer service, and are constantly looking at new ways to further enhance customer experience. Most recently it went through several upgrades including the refurbishment of the main conference space, as well as installing the BRITA Professional Bottling System that dispenses unlimited filtered still and sparkling water to continuously provide premium brand experience.

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Since installation, the BRITA Professional Bottling System has had great success amongst patrons and staff alike. With 14 purpose-built meeting and event facilities which can be utilized for several events on any given day from small corporate conferences, major social functions to wedding receptions, the improvements on staff labour has been significant. The BRITA professional bottling system dispenses chilled still and sparkling water so the staff can easy to fill the bottles and serve straight away. The stylish and dishwasher safe bottles also come with washing racks which makes washing and storing a much easier process.

BRITA professional bottling system.jpg

From a customer perspective, providing BRITA filtered still and sparkling water is a superior offering than refrigerated tap water.  And the beautifully designed and custom branded Novotel bottles add to the overall premium experience.

The BRITA Professional Bottling System is capable of providing up to 180 litres of chilled, filtered water per hour and for a few dollars per day. The BRITA Experience offers a customized solution which includes the supply of serving bottles, dishwasher racks, scheduled filter changes and sanitation, and advice on installation. For a more customized solution with extra add-ons, the BRITA Premium Experience Package can suit any business needs.

Download the BRITA Experience catalogue for Hotels to find out how to create a memorable experience for your hotel guests.


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