750 Guests, 1 BRITA Bottling System.... No Worries

How do you hydrate 750 people in one massive room with premium sparkling water without throwing away one bottle?

With the BRITA Professional Bottling System, of course!

In May this year, BRITA was the Official Water Sponsor at AHICE – the Australian Hotel Industry Conference and Exhibition.

BRITA was brought in as the in-house bottling system, replacing the traditional system of serving guests bottles of still and sparkling water.

With over 750 guests attending, it was a case study in how to manage the hydration needs of a mass audience at a large conference. With a 180L per hour capacity, the BRITA system is capable of dispensing  both premium still and sparkling water to conference sized crowds.

Check out the video here...

A consistent key theme of the conference was sustainability and how hotels need to adapt to deliver KPI’s especially developed for this area. For instance, Accor Hotels have the Planet 21 Sustainable Development Program, whilst IHG have the Green Engage system.

Many hotels are now choosing to install the BRITA bottling system as a way to address these environmental targets and generate incremental revenue through replacing bottled water, either for conferencing or restaurants.

Reusable glass bottles filled at a fraction of the cost of bought-in bottled water significantly reduce the level of bottled waste as well as the carbon footprint.

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